Knowing the basic functioning of your well water system is necessary when selecting a water treatment system because a wrong treatment system can adversely affect the water pressure and flow rate inside the home. Many water well systems have prolonged lifespans, and knowing the basic functioning of the components can help you identify the problem. However, adopting a DIY approach may only work in some cases. Consulting an expert for water tanks in Reno NV is the best idea to get a permanent solution.

What is a Pressure Tank?

A well system comprises three main components, a well pressure tank, pressure switch, and pump. A pressure tank stores water and distributes it throughout your home while regulating the water pressure. The pressure tank's prime function is to stop the well pump from cycling on and off whenever a faucet turns on. This extends the life of your system and helps it operate more efficiently.

How Does a Pressure Tank Work?

Your pressure tank has water at the bottom and compressed air at the top. The well system's pressure tank uses compressed air to produce water pressure. When you turn on a valve and faucet, water pressure pushes the water out of the tank and into your plumbing system.

Water from the well enters the tank and compresses the air, resulting in an increased water level. The pump turns off when the maximum pressure (usually 50 to 60 psi) is achieved. When you turn on the faucet, the compressed air pushes the water out of the tank. Once the water level drops to a certain point, the air pressure in the tank hits a pre-set minimum (typically 30 to 40 psi), and the pump turns back on and refills the tank.

Installing the right size tank for your needs is essential. Determine the number of fixtures (including external sources) in your home and the number of gallons per hour (GPH) that flow through your plumbing system. Consulting with the experts for water well pumps in Fallon, NV ensures the best solution.  

All pressure tanks must be regularly checked for the proper air pressure, which is a few PSI lower than the pump's low-pressure setting. If you see a lot of pump cycling, tank leaks, erratic water pressure, or water coming through the air valve, you should call a professional to inspect your tank.


If you suspect a problem with your pressure tank, contact certified professionals for an inspection. Certified personnel can address issues like leaking pressure tanks, poor water quality, or pump failures. If you need a new pump, it is best to hire reliable services for water well drilling in Fallon NV because proper installation determines the smooth functioning of your good system.